Do you charge extra for shipping?

Our prices include free shipping to any destination except for IPP orders that need to be shipped outside the United Kingdom.

What is the delivery time?

UK Delivery is normally next day. Overseas shipments take approximately 3-5 working days to most countries and you will need to sign for the delivery. Upgrades may take longer as they must first be confirmed by BibleWorks.


Can I get any further discount?

The only way to get BibleWorks cheaper is to organize a group purchase of ten or more copies for individuals in your organization. BibleWorks has set a minimum selling price of $389. We regularly update our prices in line with the latest GBP/USD exchange rate so that it costs less to buy BibleWorks from us than anywhere else. If you think that is not the case please let us know.

I am in the UK, could I buy BibleWorks cheaper from the US?

Not likely. You need to account for shipping, customs, and foreign currency charges. Remember that the eventual exchange rate you receive will be 7-8% below the typical mid-price. We update our prices as exchange rates move. You can check the latest USD sell rates at NatWest. This is how a typical order order shipped from the US would work out:

BibleWorks 10
Total USD
Total GBP
Calculated on the NatWest sell rate for 11 January 2017.
Card charges
Most credit/debit cards charge 2.75% for foreign currency transactions.
Import Charges
Brokerage and import charges. Unpredictable VAT charges range from £16 to £80.
Overall Total
I am not in the UK, will I have to pay import duties on software purchased from Morphalex?

If you are within the European Union you will not have to pay VAT or import duties. For software shipped to countries outside the EU local customs might apply charges.


How do I buy additonal modules such as BDAG and HALOT?

The DVD in the BibleWorks 9 software package include the locked modules. To gain access to them you need to buy an unlock code. Although we can supply unlock codes, the cheapest way for you to get those is from the BibleWorks website after you have bought the software from us. The codes will be emailed to you.

Refunds & Returns

Can I return software for refund?

No. We are not able to accept returns.

Privacy Policy

What will you do with my personal information if I make an order?

Nothing sinister. We will not share it with anyone except BibleWorks LLC if you are upgrading to a newer software version.